We’re in a time when a lot of the technological advances available to developed countries will be readily available to 5 billion people. Technologies, like tablets, smartphones, the cloud, social networks, etc are penetrating both emerging and lesser-developed nations at a rapid pace. Today, 100 million people own a tablet; analysts expect that number to be roughly 500 million to a billion in the next 5 years. The cloud, mobile, social, and big data are leading the charge in creating a new society for tomorrow. The proliferation of these technologies is revolutionizing business, media, education, and a whole host of industries.

A company that fully understands this is MicroStrategy (MSTR). It positions itself to profit from these four disruptive technologies. MicroStrategy is a worldwide leader in the business intelligence industry. Its customers are the largest corporations and organizations from around the world. MicroStrategy was founded in 1989 by current CEO, Michael Saylor. Saylor is someone I feel has a clear vision for the future and has one of the best minds in tech. With Saylor’s vision and leadership, MicroStrategy has been a very successful company to date.

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