R.R. Donnelley Sons & Company (RRD) is a leading global provider of integrated communications for the largest corporations around the world. They are also the largest print company in North America. To put it simply, RR Donnelley helps clients communicate more effectively with their consumers. They are able to do this thru their extensive selection of products and services such as pre media, printing, logistics, supply chain management, mailing, and outsourcing to name a few.

I view R.R. Donnelley as a company that handles all the branding and printing needs of their clients and offers solutions that further compliments those needs. For example they handle packaging, forms, labels, magazines, books, brochures, mail services etc. These services are necessities for all businesses regardless of size and industry. Their clients consist of the world largest corporations. They have 60,000 clients worldwide with 95% of Fortune 1000 companies as clients. The industry itself is highly fragmented and competitive. Customers are looking for the lowest price to go along with quality and great service. Management understands this and part of their growth strategy is to continue lowering its cost structure along with differentiating their services.

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