Investment Policy

At Absolute Growth we have a different perspective on investing. We look at what’s going on in the world and look to reflect that in our ideas. To be successful in the market you have to be flexible and open minded. We’ve developed an investment strategy which combines technical analysis and qualitative analysis. Qualitative analysis allows us to isolate the right company or asset class that we feel will move in a clear direction due to various market, business, and economic factors. Technical analysis gives us a clear entry and exit point for an investment by studying charts and price action.

When we spot a trend in the economy or various industries, we isolate the investments that will profit best from a given situation. We will be covering equities, futures, forex and options based on what we feel are best for a given situation from a risk reward stand point. We don’t follow the crowd and prefer ideas that Wall Street is not hot on. For us it’s not only about the numbers. We place a larger emphasis on the qualitative aspects of investing.

We like qualitative analysis because we feel the real difference between one company’s successes versus another are its intangibles. Things like the quality of a company’s products, level of innovation, management’s vision and ability to execute, competitive advantages, and a strong brand are just a few things we look for. Even at an economic level following central bank actions, the geopolitical landscape, and supply and demand factors of various asset classes will also present opportunities. Qualitative analysis allows us to gain insight on an investment that we wouldn’t be able to gain thru analyzing just the numbers. Analyzing the numbers is still important. We always make sure our companies are in good fiscal shape. We also look at past results to understand where the company has been and how it has performed.

Technical analysis is great, because we can get a feel for investor sentiment, identify trends, and clearly define entry and exit points. Reading charts also tells a story of where a company or asset has been in the past and why. Following the price action along with major news or events, we’re able to get a feel for how an investment reacts to certain things. We always make sure we understand what happened at major turning points or moves in price. Finding a harmony between the technical’s and the story allows us to get in tune with the market and move with it freely.

We’ve done well in the markets because we’re very selective. We are only in a position if we feel very strongly about it, if the odds are in our favor, and if we fully understand what’s going to drive it up or down.

Investing has taught us to trust ourselves and our instincts. Intuition has always been a key factor in our success in the markets.

At Absolute Growth we only want to bring you our best ideas. We take pride in our research. Success in the markets is about integrity, discipline, and honesty. Investing is an art form to us and we don’t seek to be right we seek the truth. Art is best when it reflects reality. The better we are at reflecting reality and future trends in business and economics the better our performance will be.

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